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The song and performance I've shared, Wedding Bell Blues, describes a woman's growing frustration about a man's fear of commitment. The couple are scared witless but really want to make this work. Interestingly, Marilyn McCoo and her object of affection in the video - fellow 5th Dimension bandmate Billy Davis Jr. - celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2019. Now that's a love story!Sky
I can relate to that ... my wife has a relative, REALLY nice gal, in a long-term relationship with her live-in boyfriend, the clock is ticking and "he doesn't want to have children" (he has several siblings himself). I'm sayin' "I'm outa here!" but she doesn't want to cut loose. Smart chick, good lookin', cute, nice, good career, ... dang, what are you wanting for guy??? There is something not right, what do you think?

Here are a couple old-school love songs:
"Unchained Melody" sung by many artists over the years. Written back in, I think, the 1930s???
"Young Love", a coming-of-age love song circa late 1950s

The other night my wife cooked a nice dinner and I searched YouTube for a song but landed on a Elvis Presley collection of love songs ... Bingo. Great voice, presentation style, nice songs and with emotion. Some probably related to his personal experiences. Where are the songs and singers like that today? Oh, nice bottle of wine and the dessert was good too.