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1 x pair Rode NT6s with the optional NT45-O interchangeable omni capsules. The Rode NT6 with the omni capsule punches well above its weight, and the NT6’s smaller body gives it a better off-axis response than the NT55 it’s derived from. The last time I looked the graphs look the same on Rode’s website but I suspect the web designer used the NT55 data for the NT6 as well because it is the same mic in a different housing.
Interested in this comment Greg. Have you found from experience that the NT6 sounds noticeably better than the NT55, especially when using both with the NT45-O omni capsules (as would be the wise capsule choice for organ recording)? I'd have thought the self-noise differences of 15dBA for the NT55 vs 19dBA for the NT6 would be much more significant.