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Here for the gear

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Is the CC2 the older Vox, with the single input, or the more recent version with the Normal/Top Boost inputs?


If you have the code for your unit, you should be able to search out a matching tank with longer springs.

the CC2 I have has the separate normal and top boost inputs

anyways, this is exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you!

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There's more than just the tank. You might do well to get a "spring reverb" pedal and put it in the effects loop. I like the Boss FRV1, but there are others out there that are very fenderesque...


I love the sound of the FRV1, and would jump on it in a second if I had the money. But, replacing the tank is $~20-30 compared to hundreds, so that's more realistic for me right now.

Thanks for your answers!