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Here for the gear

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Hello again!

You can see in the left bottom of the FabFilter ProL2 there is a knob called "lookahead".
In the trap genre, i had good results by putting a soft-clipper with a soft curve before my final master limiter and then applied only that much gain reduction to grab like -1db of the kicks (with the limiter in this case the proL2).
With a short lookahead, the limiter will distort more and shape the already soft clipped kicks even more.
It kind of gives things the right amount of impact although it still tames the peaks.
This is of course taste preference.

To maintain punch and breathe, maybe an approach in testing different soft clip and limiter algorithms could be helpful!

Regarding the target loudness for streaming portals like Spotify etc:

I think there are various very informative disscussions here in GS already.

IMO going a bit louder than the platforms loudness normalisation level feels right, in case i at least dont want the platform normalisation to make my song LOUDER.

For me, there is no sense to target my projects loudness at -8 LUFS because often the composition and arrangements dont allow without changing the vibe of the music by hypercompressing. And it will mainly be a youtube or spotify upload anyway. So i like to keep things a bit more open and punchy without compromise to the sonic quality.

There are Situations in which it would be possible to go that loud, if the mix and composition allow it, but im happy that its not that necessary these days.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I hope you can understand what im trying to say.

I think its really important for the music to translate the vibe!
Especially in trap style music.
Hi ! thank you very much for your response ! I took your advice into account )

I made two versions today:

The first version with an enlarged LOOK AHEAD PRO L2 up to 2MS and a clipper TRACKS with a semi-soft knee, I made it today after your advice about LOOKAHEAD, etc

And the second version without applying what I wrote above, I did it yesterday already taking into account your wishes, and slightly changed the approach to the case.

I would like to know now what you think about these versions ? Listening in Apple headphones, I feel more like version 1 ))