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Here for the gear

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Glad I’m on a Mac after reading this tale of
I was a lifelong Mac user since late 80's. Finally decided last year that Apple wasn't a particularly great value anymore and switched to Windows. For the most part it's been fine, but this particular incident was atrocious - I was down for almost a month.

If this most recent round of diagnostics had not worked, I was going to bite the bullet and get a Mac. Apple's forthcoming development of their own processors (and I think GPU's, too?) is interesting, and once the developers have had a chance to get onboard, I'll probably switch back.

My experience with Apple wasn't especially wonderful over the years - I had some good computers and some turds. I didn't generally find them to be as reliable or well built as they're supposed to be. But the inhouse processors could be a game changer. Windows is by definition a patchwork of processes held together by duct tape, but I believe Mac OS is also more like that than Apple would care to admit!