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Can I get drippy reverb w/AC30 by switching tank?

I recently got a Vox AC30 cc2, and the reverb tanks are notoriously crappy and frequently replaced. Before this amp, I was pretty accustomed to the spring reverb coming from a Fender Blues Jr, and tbh I miss it a lot.

Since then I've learned that I really like drippy, springy reverb, and that it's difficult to emulate without buying an expensive AF pedal. However, I like my new Vox and I'm not going back to the Blues jr.

This may sound like a stupid question, but I've looked a bit and can't find any internet threads about anyone who has done this - is it possible on my vox to switch the reverb tank to one that will sound more like that Fender spring that I'm used to? Or maybe even more drippier than that?

Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!