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Accentize "DeRoom Pro" professional room sound removal for post-production(VST3/AU/AAX)

Hey there,

After getting a lot of positive feedback on our previous DeRoom release we decided to continue working on it and came up with this new de-reverberation plugin for professional contexts. In comparison to DeRoom the following features have been added:
  • Improved Neural Network - the core algorithm has been further trained to be more accurate
  • Spectral Focus Mode - to tune all parameters in three adjustable frequency bands
  • Attack and Release - to tackle 'pumping' artifacts
  • Automatic Room Size - continuous adjustment to the source audio
  • Spectrogram Visualization - you can observe how DeRoom Pro is affecting each frequency
  • Difference Listening - listen to room sound only
  • Low Latency Mode - the overall latency can be reduced to roughly one third of the original latency

As always there is a free trial availabe and until the 20. August 2020 we offer a release discount of 25%.

If you already have a DeRoom license there is also an upgrade option which gives you another 30% off. Just use the first five characters of your DeRoom license key as a discount code during checkout!