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Here for the gear

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eventually though you'll regret not trying harder when you're 10 years into that job and your dreams are gone, I've seen a lot of ex musicians do this and become very depressed.
If it's tough to make a full-time living as a musician when you're 25, it's no easier when you're 35, 45, 55. Unless one is from a filthy rich family, I see nothing wrong with having some job skills and a college degree before making that move to L.A. This town (as of August 2020) has become extremely expensive to live in, with an insanely huge homeless population. Demand for housing, ANY type of housing, far exceeds supply, which means that rents are sky-high.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a surreal spin on the situation, because there are NO GIGS to be had at this point. Clubs are barely managing to stay afloat financially (Troubadour, Baked Potato, etc,) and some have already permanently shut down.

Nothing wrong with betting on your dreams, but survival should take precedence, especially in L.A., man.