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Once they deposit the licence in you I-Lok account can they take it away?
No, if you buy the Native version(without the controller), you will get an iLok license. If you buy the controller, there is no iLok license(the controller now becomes the copy protection). To have the controller with iLok, you would have to spend to buy the controller, and then you would have to order the Native version without the controller and you would get an iLok license but that means you would be spending twice for essentially the exact same code which makes zero sense to me. What would have been the best method would have been that when you purchase the controller, there would have been a card inside with an iLok code and that’s it. If you want use the plugin in any studio, all that would have been needed was to take your iLok with the licenses on them and just bring that, and if you want to use the controller, you just plug them in and boom, you now have tactile control. This would have been so simple to implement and would have made the most sense had they actually thought this through properly from the getgo!