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I think this is because you are running it native(without controllers). As soon as you buy the controller, nothing is activated on iLok. It’s essentially the same thing as the original 4 controllers right now. You can buy the native version which will give you iLok licenses and you can demo them on iLok in native form. As soon as you purchase the controller, you do not get an iLok license as the controller becomes the dongle. I’m pretty confident that this is exactly how the new controllers will work too but I haven’t seen anyone with the controllers yet so I could be wrong. If you purchase native only, you get an iLok license and can just bring around your iLok key. If you purchase the controller, you need to bring the controller around to do the initial install and then once it’s unplugged from the computer, you have 60 days of Im not mistaken where the plugin will run(exactly the same as the iLok), until it needs to see the controller again.
Once they deposit the licence in you I-Lok account can they take it away?