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i will just plaster it over my sessions then the demo will run out.
This happened to me

I am hoping the EQ sounds good. I was surprised at how much difference i found between digital EQs when doing extensive testing. I ended up settling with DMG and SSL for mst of my eq needs, hope this holds up!! Same with the comp.
EQ sounds good. Compared favorably to Pro Q, however, the TC eq does exhibit HF cramping on 44 and 48k sessions, which is a bummer.

The dynamics plugin is quite good. Both the compressor and the gate are versatile and sound great. I also really like the user interface.

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This is all great until the controller breaks and your left with a plugin that won’t even run on your computer in standalone mode. This was a huge flop from them in my books! They should have just made it iLok with the option of adding the controller for tactile feel. I bought the whole “old” range of controllers(the first 4 controllers), as we were told native versions wouldn’t be available and then I guess sales didn’t go as good as planned and they decided to go iLok and no controller is now required(runs full native). When I asked for iLok licenses for the 4 controllers(I even provided proof of purchase with pictures of the serial numbers for my units), the support and customer experience I thought I was going to get was total garbage! They refused to give me licenses(I even offered to pay the 25$ iLok activation fee for each of the 4 controllers..costing me an extra 100$ I technically shouldn’t even have to pay). So when I go to other studios to work, I absolutely have to initially bring the 4 controllers to “authorize” the plugin first and then I can run just the plugin in standalone mode without the controllers for 60 days before the controller needs to be re-connected again, which isn’t the end of the world but bringing around 4 controllers all the time increases the risk of damage every time and makes me panic because once the controller breaks, everything is useless cause 60 days later, there will be no way to have the plugin working anymore. Since they don’t want to give me an iLok license, I am left with a paperweight if/when the controller breaks. I have found a workaround though which solves all these problems now since TC was so non generous
The eq and dyn plugs are authorized via ilok, or at least, the demos were.