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So this discussion is tricky because we do have to define exactly what is a love song and I'm entirely to tired to go through that right now. But a lot of my problem does have to do with defining LOVE itself, as there isn't a definition or at least it manifests itself in many ways. I think we can agree that our culture treats love like many other commodities, as something to own to possess to acquire, and I think music's role in this is important and must be considered (usually that role is reinforcing the problematic yet popular narratives).
I think you've offered a brilliant starting point for exploring the depth of love in songwriting.

I believe that love is a pure, universal absence of fear. How does this translate into songwriting? Certain singer-songwriters masterfully capture love in their music; e.g. pacific NW artist Michael Tomlinson radiates his deep connection with nature in his songs. Songs that feel "sappy" to me are those that may use all the accepted words yet don't radiate a deeper emotional awareness.

The song and performance I've shared, Wedding Bell Blues, describes a woman's growing frustration about a man's fear of commitment. The couple are scared witless but really want to make this work. Interestingly, Marilyn McCoo and her object of affection in the video - fellow 5th Dimension bandmate Billy Davis Jr. - celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2019. Now that's a love story!


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