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Old 3rd August 2020
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Ah dammit, that is such a shame. That couod have been amazing!! I find tha feature super useful....particularly for forcing the low end to mono.

Still interested in this as it looks super useful. Interested in the whole range - particularly as a more modern alternative to the softube console 1.
When s the hardware out? I want to demo but don't want to get it until i know when i can get the hardware, otherwise i will just plaster it over my sessions then the demo will run out.

I am hoping the EQ sounds good. I was surprised at how much difference i found between digital EQs when doing extensive testing. I ended up settling with DMG and SSL for mst of my eq needs, hope this holds up!! Same with the comp.

I like what TC are doing here though, this is a great way to give us hardware feel with all the advantages of digital. To anyone using reaper with its latch preview feature - this should pique interest.