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My thoughts & first impressions

Salute !

Just for my interest, could you please provide some Information regarding your mixbus processing ?

(Listening in mono on an avantone mixcube)

First of all, IMO, you did well !

My first Impression was that there was a quite audible difference in Level between the first two claps when the beat drops.
The rapper begins after the first clap and as soon he raps on the clap, the clap gets lower in level. What might be a creative choice, it's not in this case IMO!
After Looking at the file in my DAW in interest of the LUFS, i saw a Pretty "lifeless" file limited at -1.0db at around 8-9LUFS which Kind of fitted to what i've heard before.
I think that's just a bit to much and just not needed. I think a Little more dynamic mix would translate better to the vibe of the Music.
I like you apporach to get a "juicy" vocal there, but some more defined Accents or noticeable but subtle Automation could help there.
(Maybe i just hate obvious reverbs on vocals kinda washing out everything, no offense intended)
I think the track would Benefit from less compression or Maybe a Change in the processing ?

You said something About watching the analyzer with reference Songs, could u please post one or two of them aswell so we get an Impression of which Sound you are trying to accomplish?

Peace !

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