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Old 3rd August 2020
Gear Head

I’m very happy with it myself.

Nervous probably suits what I’m going for more often than for most people as someone with anxiety who makes moody edm. It’s not something I’d highly recommend to mix engineers necessarily, but for anyone more focused on sound design, yeah sure. It might not be the tool for every compression need, but I sure love it when it is. It has a kind of lo-fi quality to it that I appreciate. I’ve been thinking of it less like I usually think of a compressor and more like an odd little colour box that is also going to wildly squish everything if I let it.

No complaints from me for $20. I have some well respected clean comps I’ve paid more for that I’ve maybe got less use out of and certainly had less fun with. I ended up with 6 new compressors last month (woops) and shapeshifter is both my favourite and most used of the bunch (at least so far).

“Strange plugin” seems quite a reasonable label but I think that’s pretty much it’s selling point.