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Otari and Euphonix had digitally controlled analog consoles that now sell used in your price range. The digital part just controls functions and analog audio is never is converted in them. Their manuals are downloadable to learn more.

There are former top dog digital live desks that at least here in the US at insane bargains right now and in your budget (talking about over 100k systems). An example is the Yamaha PM1D that is modular with none of it's modules needing to be in the control room. You can use it's control surface mixer or use a smaller footprint compatible mixer or have no footprint at all using an old laptop with no horsepower to control it's functions. The real work is being done with it's brain module. Going that route you will get high end remote controlled mic pres (the same pre as in Yamaha's last greatest analog desk, the PM5000) and lots of converters, all for very little money. Channel count / buss count / routing choices / etc. will all be way above what you have now and can be configured to be redundant (multiple I/O and brain modules as well as multiple mixer control surfaces operating in mirror mode for redundancy - you don't want the show to stop in a massive live event). The downside is being limited to 44.1k or 48k sample rate which is a non issue for many pros. As I've brought up this option a couple times to specific poster's needs recently you can check my old posts for more info. Manuals and software control app are free to download and explore without need for any of the hardware to function.