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Old 3rd August 2020
Racked Trident TSM vs reissue A range 500 series eq?

Curious how vintage Trident TSM console pre and eq would be vs resissue 500 series eq for 'that' sound.

I'm mostly interested in how the eq compares, as there's no pre in the 500 series (and the reissue with pre is 4k, and some have said the pre sound is really good but perhaps missing something). I've got other top notch pres, though many of my favorite early 70's albume were tracked on A ranges, so would be great to get 'that' sound. I've read the TSM were way better than 80b desks for 'that' tone (silky, full, rich, soft, clear highs), though many love the 80b for its own punchier tone), though the eq can sound a little 'grainy'.

There's also the Ocean Audio Signature 3 (inductors on all four bands?!) and Interphase Audio revision of this (seems pretty identical, with a few additions tho). I'm guessing this would be a cleaner, less mojo version of 'that' sound?

Which route is likely to get closer to 'that' early Trident sound?