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I realized that it´s nearly impossible (at least I couldn´t find a way) to retain the original sound if the signal is driven directly into Shapeshifter. It already does something of its own, even if mix is a 0,0 percentage. Especially the low end is affected very dramatically. There seems to work some serious HP-filters under the hood and I really wished that could be handled in detail manually within the plugin.
It's the tone's very difficult to make it linear when you engage the global ratio beyond a certain amount.also changing the envelope contours seems to have a perceived effect on the spectrum's not a HP,but rather a gentle low's engaged when you open the thing because of the setting on the ratio knob.even setting the tone knob to the centre doesn't make it linear.there's still the lowshelf and if i recall either a rise in the mids or a highshelf which increases exponentially.when you dial in the ratio to and threshold to favour the upwards comp it makes the mids incredibly nasty and i can still hear it when i dial the mix down(just feels like by dialling the mix down i am just trying to draw attention away from it,but it's there regardless).it's a very strange plugin and a hard pass for i said in the PM i already have my options for upwards comp and i don't like the distortion part of it either.