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I am really excited by this. I was thinking about getting a console 1 but
A - already have PA consoles
B - consoles aren't always flexible enough now i am used to using SSL X-EQ and Equilibrium along with track comp.

Curious to see what the 'phase' control is....i love that about Equilibrium...i actually find it hard to work without that now.
I really think if they have nailed this - truly modern feature set with compact controllers featuring decent screens/readout - i am in.

At the same time as having an interest in console 1 (for mixdown stage) i have also been interested in the TC units. This might just tip me towards getting the whole range.
In reaper there is the 'latch preview' mode. Can't imagine how awesome and time saving it would be to use these devices in latch preview for sketching out a mix real quick. Add in a faderport and....voilla.

Seriously interested to see how much this ends up being.
The phase control is a basic all-pass style phase rotator, a la the Little Labs IBP.