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So, your prejudice against Berry was right but only in the past. I had an old board around 15 years ago in which most knobs and buttons failed after few years. It was a big disaster. However, today it is totally different. No problem with my X32, and it seems that many many people are satisfied using these latest generation boards.
Anyway, if touch screen is needed for routing, probably Qu-32 would not solve my problem I'm afraid.
Anyone know a very reliable and flexible, totally analog board? As I mentioned earlier, just evaluated Mackie 3204VLZ4, but it is too old, having only 4 buses (16 in X32), and I'm not sure about knobs reliability in long time. Is there any other possible choice? Obviously my main idea remains the same as in thread title: a digital board running as an analog one. But I understand that I'm asking too much. Thanks.