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Yes, I evaluated Qu-32 when I bought my X32 two years ago. But I discarded it due to touch screen. I will read the user manual, sure.
Could you please tell me which operations require touch screen usage? In X32, as you know, most operation are display based, although it has no touch screen but for me it is similar (cannot see any LCD display). Do you think that in Allen & Heat more operations have independent controls and knobs? Thanks.
Well, you do need the touch screen for routing ins and outs, and things like that. The big difference for me is when you select a channel, you get all the controls, input gain, lo cut, EQ (frequency, Q, and amount), all together on the front panel.

With the X32, one has to select each function separately, many more button pushes. But this doesn't seem to bother most people. It just isn't at all "analog-like" for me in the slightest.

I also have a lingering prejudice against Behry from way back in the 90s, everything they make I try to avoid.