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Hi guys, totally appreciate the discussion about that subject and want to thank you for giving your opinions and thoughts. That´s actually (at least for me) what makes a forum an interesting place.

I agree that the upward compression can be fascinating and that it can result in strong overuse at first.

Here is another mix approach, which is basical more practical. Used SSL 4000E on every track using a bit of HP and LP filter and just a bit of EQ and a tad od compression. Some Softube Tape and Reverb, FET compressor, Valley People compressor as well as the Chandler Germanium. Bluesbreaker on guitar, Eden WT on bass. Shapeshifter was used on parallel send busses this time only, while 100% wet to dial in the tones I like or want to emphasize and then dialed in the amount of that effect with the AUX tracks to add to the original tracks in parallel.

I realized that it´s nearly impossible (at least I couldn´t find a way) to retain the original sound if the signal is driven directly into Shapeshifter. It already does something of its own, even if mix is a 0,0 percentage. Especially the low end is affected very dramatically. There seems to work some serious HP-filters under the hood and I really wished that could be handled in detail manually within the plugin.

It can add very much agression and (maybe some think its hectic) cool fast dynamic action, which I totally dig and like, and it´s a weapon on a room-track.

Although I made it a bit louder than I usually would, so you can make it out better, the examples now are much more subtle. Hopefully you can make out the differences. I´d recommend using Headphones cause the MP3 conversion surely swallowed a lot.

3 instances of ShapeShifter OFF

3 parallel routed instances of ShapeShifter ON
- Bass and Kick
- Drum-Room (complete kit)
- Percussion (the bongo like sound and the zap like sound on the left)

Enjoy and feel free to post what you think and like and dislike. Thank you
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