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As noted by Billy Budd, it's not CueMix anymore, but a new web browser based interface.

Regarding it's ease of use, there are 2 separate considerations:-

1) Managing the AVB device itself, routing, setting up mixes etc - there IS a learning curve here, but it's easy enough if you take it slow, and reference the manual and videos. Getting the routing panel nailed and how changes to the device translates to your DAW is critical here. Each device is a 48 channel DSP mixer so the screens can get a bit busy dependening on what you are trying to achieve - the bigger the session, the more there is to manage obviously.

2) Assuming you as main engineer have set up your all the routings correctly, and set up use of Cues etc, then for each performer, control of their own Aux mix is really easy, provided they get given the link and an overview of how to setup their cue mix for what they want to do.

Essentially it works as follows:-

i) Each aux/cue mix get's it's own browser URL
ii) Performer opens up 'their' cue mix on a tablet / fone - in my band i had 2 7" Android tablets that 2 guys used, and the singer brought his own Android tablet
iii) With each performer show em the basics of the cue mix - for a full band session there were usually 14 inputs that could be balanced - 10 drum channels, 2 guide guitars, guide vocals and guide bass. Obviously for foldback, these could be grouped if necesary and condensed down to a smaller number of channels. Our drummer was picky, and wanted complete control of his own drum monitor mix.
iii) what ever changes made are cached on the client device, so if session is over 2 days, it's all good

I wouldn't say my band were luddites, but they not silicon valley alumni either, and there weren't any issues, they were able to manage their own mixes easily enough with a basic overview of the aux mixer. The other bands i've had up didn't have any issues to speak of either, and were very happy with the monitor mixes they were able to pull together.

NB - I have the Monitor 8, and if you don't have that device as part of your AVB setup, then individual cues with 'more-me' won't be as easy to achieve - you will need to use dedicated outputs of your device and route to a headphone amp etc, but AFAIK, all Motu AVB devices have the core Aux / Cue functionality in the DSP mixer.
Right on.

Yeah I have 4 Behringer PowerPlay P1 personal headphone amps. Dual XLR for stereo input, 9V battery or adapter for power and has a mic threading so I have them mounted on straight stands. One of Behringers unheralded products for sure.