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Old 1st August 2020
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Any analog-like digital mixer?

From years we mainly use digital mixers. Well, they are very good and so flexible, they have many features, they sound great (well, not all.....), they are digital! But they are not so easy to use like good old analog boards. I remember when each button was used for only one function. And one knob, one level. And so on. For me, no comparison with any touch screen operation. So, my question (maybe a little bit stupid): does exist a digital mixer working more or less like an analog one? I'm afraid it does not, but maybe I'm missing something.
I'm a visually impaired person, so I choose X32 for my home studio due to its accessibility options. No touch screen in it. Also, I found many useful utilities to control all board options via OSC commands and perform more operations, so I have no problem to use my desk, but only via networked computer and not directly from console panel. For me, only main features are available through the mixer panel: faders, channel selections, send out, but not effect section for example.
Some months ago I thought going back to analog, buying a good old Mackie 3204VLZ4, but it would be a bad downgrade I'm afraid, so I decided to keep my X32.
So, if a digital analog-like board would available, it could be a very good choice. Some years ago I saw a Presonus board (maybe from Studiolive series) with very few display related controls, but probably it is discontinued now.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.