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Blown capacitors on Presonus Eris 8 PSU

Short rant: Bought the Presonus Eris 8 about 5 years ago and several months ago one lost power. Sent to Presonus for repair ($75 repair, $105 shipping) and while still at Presonus, the other one blew. Not happy with Presonus quality.

Since I've decided not buy another Presonus product, I'll try and repair the second one.

It's blown out the small disc capacitors connecting the legs of the PSU supply to m/b. This is the blown piece I found in the cabinet.

Can someone tell me if this damage was caused by the transformer going bad or is the damage caused by the capacitor blowing? Or should I look elsewhere. If you think replacing the caps would work, is there a better cap for this application?

I've ordered an ESR meter and have a good solder station. With nothing to loose, I'll either fix it or recycle it.

From an IT Geek, thanks to all that are schooled in electronics.
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