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1) If you are going to focus alot on frequency response, you have to do more( i would recommend minimum 6-10) of measurements around the listening position and average them together to get a real picture of what's happening in terms of the frequency response.
So would you recommend taking measurements in a 2' sphere around the mix position and EQ based on the averages? I suppose I should also have done that for placement?

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2) As you boost your sub its adding alot of 2nd harmonic distortion around 30hz-80hz which is 55% compared to the original signal. This is a lot of distortion. Basically when you are listening to those 808 type bass and kick drums, half of what you hear right now is distortion mixed in.

Something in the gain staging is wrong or your subwoofer is only rated to a certain amount of level before distortion sets in.
I did another measurement with the subs, attenuated the signal by 8dB, and turned off all of the parametric EQs that I did on the subs.

Does this look better?

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