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@ Gideon K

Looking at your links I’m guessing your tastes are Indie. Domino/4AD/XL/Creation/Hut/Warp/Wichita/Sonic Cathedral/Bella Union/Ninja Tune adjacent bands/musicians..

In the Midwest South-

Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Atlanta, Detroit

Nashville in the last decade has been the city where I would guess the highest majority of working professional indie bands/musicians have relocated as a residence. Decent weather year around, Affordability and infrastructure in the music business do to country music. Possibly the largest community outside LA. And it will be highly concentrated geographically so meeting people will be easiest. Atlanta and Austin trail behind it to a degree.

Detroit used to have amazing music pouring out of it- Techno/Motown/hip hop/birthplace of punk with the stooges and MC5. And then the 90s early 2000s many bands like the white stripes poured forth. Very affordable. Cold winters. Nice summers. Beautiful woodlands and the Great Lakes look like the ocean. But with no sharks and clear water which is a pretty good deal.
But the harsh winters I think have seen many of its indie musicians relocate to Nashville.
Chicago always has a multifaceted music scene in all genres but it’s expensive and the winters are brutal. Like Detroit in the winter but somehow even worse because you walk in that city more. It’s the most walkable city in terms of London in NYC where vast amounts of people will choose to train/walk rather then drive everywhere. You know endless overcast days and rain in the UK. But brutal North American winters in a city are far worse. Makes the landscape even more depressing. Breaks the heart to see all the homeless out in it 24-7 permanently as well. Homelessness has risen quite a bit in the last ten years. Quite visible in big cities here.
Philadelphia has a scene that bands like war on drugs and Kurt vile have come out of. But Philly might be a bit on the rough side. And more expensive then all the other cities other then Chicago. It’s on the east coast and about an hour from NYC or Washington DC by train which may sweeten the deal.
LA has a lot of working Indie musicians but it’s very expensive by comparison and quite spread out.

One thing to consider. We are about to go through a massive world recession. You may want to stay put. London may soon be more affordable then it’s been in quite some time. Rising crime also leads to great art historically. Relaxed rents in cities lead to clusters of artists/creatives/musicians returning to cities and building their own thriving communities.
I myself will be keeping an eye on NYC and London as the a possible place to return soon.