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Old 31st July 2020
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I would say that like all things right now the stories you read are greatly exaggerated and politicized.
The south and Midwest are not wildly backwards and racist, sexist, homophobic, monocultures.

They have never been less so. Even in states that may have anti abortion stances let’s say, the cities in those states tend to have many residents who are liberal.
conservatives on average are easy going people just trying to live peacefully as anyone else. I see them portrayed often as racists and fascist and it’s simply not the case.
The internet, media and politicians have greatly been distorting the reality of day to day life for some time. It’s an election year here, making it worse.
There has been massive racial demographic change in the United States in the last 20 years that I openly see. Indianapolis was once white and black. That was it. Very few other ethnicities represented to the naked eye.
Now it looks like a lesser New Jersey to me. There are Russians, Vietnamese, Sikhs, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Muslim, Nigerians. Quite a few Hispanics now.I see signs in Spanish and English. This happened throughout the states in the last two decades and will continue to grow.
There are also Jews in the South and Midwest going back to pioneer days..