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Old 31st July 2020
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Stacktune makes remote collaboration a breeze

At the Stacktune headquarters, we have been very busy working on lots of features and improvement, to make collaborating on mixes and masters with your clients a breeze. We still offer subscriptions at incredible prices - get them now, while they're still hot - discounts don't expire (even when we update prices - you'll keep the price when you subscribed)

Version 1.10.0 comes with the following changes: full release notes

invite new members via link

If you don't have an email address handy, you can now easily create a link which will grant access to the project

redesigned project edit page

We have redesigned the project edit page. Edits to the members of a project now are instantly saved, and we have added a hint explaining the resulting permissions


If a user never had enabled/disabled notifications via email, we now show a hint on the projects overview. Previously this setting was fairly hidden within the user settings

UI improvements

We have made quite a few improvements to the UI, like nicer looking buttons or additional information like displaying the date when something has been updated

version notes

An info button now indicates the presence of version notes, which open in a dedicated modal and no longer clutter the screen

We also tracked down a few bugs, which are now fixed:
  • Invited users, that didn't yet have a password set, were unable to upload audio to other projects
  • If Firefox is configured to restore sessions, it aggressively caches the currently shown page, which could have lead to outdated data being displayed after session restore
  • In certain situations, users would not be able to update comments of other users, even if they had admin permissions

What is stacktune?

Stacktune is a web application that gives you all the tools you need to share, organise and comment on audio files, making your collaboration smooth as silk. Never miss out on how a project is progressing with inbox notifications for new comments and version uploads. Wondering which part of the song they're talking about? With time-stamped comments, you'll never again be wondering WTF your collaborators are referring to. Additional features like loudness matching and automatically-aligned files make it easy to reliably compare different mixes.

With pricing tiers to suit all budgets and the best price-to-storage ratio, you'll be blown away by how much better Stacktune makes your studio life.

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