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Old 31st July 2020
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Been demoing it for the last hour or so and I really like it Just a couple of things I'd like included that would make it even better: a resizeable GUI and a simple on/off button. But for the price, this is outstanding and I think I'll definitely be purchasing.
Very happy to hear that! Regarding the on/off button: the BABY Audio logo actually is a bypass switch. Click it and the effect will go into click-free bypass. There's a graphical bypass overlay on the GUI that appears when it's in bypass mode. Then click anywhere within the plugin borders to re-engage.

For resizing, this is something we'll implement soon. Comeback Kid (our delay plugin) had resizing for a while but it messed too much with the CPU for some PC users so we're figuring out a solve for that before putting the option back in. I hope it'll come with the next update.

Thanks again for the positive feedback. Means a lot to read!