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Well, without getting into a political debate, it would be absurd for me to contemplate moving to a state that is significantly at odds with my own stance on basic issues, or has restrictions or impositions on too many freedoms that I have grown up with in the UK.

I'm fairly liberal and politically middle of the road by UK standards, which makes me centre right/mildly conservative by London standards, which I guess (to my understanding) makes me a radical leftist by the standards of many US states - southern and Midwestern particularly. The Bible belt is therefore not a likely fit for a secular, atheistically-inclined Jew like myself.

For example (and again, this is not to trigger a political debate, but to hopefully clarify my needs to help anyone interested in making suggestions be able do so with greater accuracy), I take certain things for granted as being basic human rights (in any free society worthy of the name) like freedom of sexual orientation, bodily autonomy, freedom from other people's religious beliefs interfering with my individual freedoms, and so on. I find gay marriage rights are usually a good measure of how free and tolerant a place is, and whilst I am aware there are federal laws that make the ban unconstitutional, it might not be a great fit for me and my wife to live in a place where state legislature has not overturned the ban of its own accord. So Florida currently has a question mark around it, although it is not ruled out.

I have no real desire to move to any state that has abortion trigger laws (so Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee, South Dakota and Utah are all highly unlikely for now), although it's not necessarily just about laws. I am aware that attitudes of people differ anywhere you go, but am more inclined towards attitudes of tolerance and acceptance. I hope to start at family at some point, although not immediately, and I would not want to raise kids in any place that veers dramatically from my outlined criteria.

These are my personal principles and predilections. I respect the fact that others do not agree on some or all of these issues, but in case it needs saying, let's not break forum etiquette by discussing or debating them here. I mention all of the above in order to narrow the search and hopefully get back to the much more interesting topic of the character and flavours of various music/creative scenes in different areas.

I would like to reiterate my thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply and make suggestions so far.