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I'll look into those controls a little more. The Advance Gate is very good for subtly controlling the amount of upward compression. I'd love to see the threshold range extended up to -12db or so for more control. -42db doesn't seem to give all the reduction in upward compression I'd like. Subtle control though to be fair and it works nicely as it is.

Advanced Expansion doesn't seem to get me anywhere and simply cuts the sound out but it does send the GR meter flying backwards which you've clearly programmed into the GUI.

While you're at it with the channel link, would you mind providing the option to switch between L/R and M/S processing along with a dial for the percentage of link from 0% through to 100%? I understand that M/S limiting isn't as effective as L/R so no worries if that isn't something you would want in Boost and I am happy with dual mono setups as it is right now. It would just be really cool.
I toyed with the Gate when looking at vocal processing - Tim Hamill over at Sonic One studios in Wales had some great results using the drive on vocals but in my not-quite-as-high-end studio testing setup I was picking up too much noise which interfered with high levels of focus. Gate was a way to cut out this noise and any breathing, etc.. If I was to develop that into a UI exposed feature I'd want to add soft open close of the gate, and perhaps some other typical gate features (hold etc...). In the end though this was dangerously close to feature creep / bloat as it is not core to what Boost does, I held it back.

Expansion is a very experimental feature, I have some ideas, but please don't count on it behaving the same way in future versions. This is why it is hidden away. A novelty easter egg that was discovered on the very first day.

Stereo link seems pretty straight forward in terms of what I need to add and how it should behave and be exposed to the user. M/S needs some thought though. Personally I'd want to have a slightly different peak-remap shape on the sides as the mid, so that might need some further reaching changes or become the subject of a dedicated use of the Trajectory and Peak Remapping algos all of its own.

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