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Pick a state they didn't let people destroy private property unchecked for weeks on end - that's a good starting point.
I'll have to concur. W/o making a political statement, it's painful to see the rioters co-opt the protests in those cities.

Alabama would qualify as not out of control in that regard.

It's also got a good music scene (of course Covid has done a number of live performances, but that won't last forever). Lotza talent here we've got several high profile American Idol winners ( ) Ruben Studdard is my favorite.

We have a decent Electronic Music scene. It's not as strong as Atlanta, but there is interest here as well as live performances (again Covid). I'm pretty active in the Birmingham Alabama Electronic Music Group on Facebook (search it).

There's also a pretty strong electronic music program here at UAB (Univ. Ala. Bham).