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I’m in NY and have been able to have success with music here.

NY isn’t for everyone. There is a lot of talent, and an enormous amount of competition. Getting your foot in the door here is incredibly tough.

Live music scene was slowly getting better until Corona happened. Probably the most diverse music scene in the country. We really have any style from all over the world represented at any given night. We also have, by far, the best food and restaurants. Especially pizza.

As a Londoner, you may find that much of the mid-west and south fall short on diversity (really depends on where you go). I’d avoid Nashville, only because it’s sort of a depressing and dilapidated kind of city. It’s sort of like a giant strip mall.

Also depends on what you have planned for things like family, children?, other types of work, interests.

Right outside Manhattan, theare is “greater NY” which is absolutely gorgeous the more north you go. Lots of open spaces and trails only an hour away from the city.

Everything is painfully expensive here though. Especially property, taxes, and tolls. Get used to paying up to $30 a day on your daily commute. More if you have to pay for parking.

There are pockets of crime, but most of NY is very safe and even friendly.

Other places to consider for the scene: Philly is awesome right now. Def a boom happening there.

Michigan is wonderful around Ypsilanti and Torch Lake. Cheap to live and great properties in safe areas.

Southern Cali is fantastic. Redlands, Temecula, San Bernardino...Amazing nightlife, gorgeous people everywhere, very diverse, and lots of creativity without the “everyone you meet is a creative” vibe. Van Nuys is cool too, for other reasons.

Miami is wonderful. Florida is a big state, and there are a lot of places I promise you won’t want to live.

Nawlins is hit or miss... it can be a rough place and there’s a ton of poverty and vice. It def still has a rough edge if you want that. I always have a great time when I go.