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I am listening, and definitely looking for the features I need to take Boost forwards.
I'm glad you spotted the hidden controls, there's quite a few novel techniques that the underlying Trajectory and Peak Remapping algos could be used to achieve, but I struggled to make them fit with a limiter in an intuitive way. Rather than completely hiding those, I've left a few params in and would welcome your thoughts on which work for you and on which material.
Channel link has been raised by others during the beta testing, I could add that in a point release, thanks for the reminder!

bmanic has nailed some key tradeoffs when making a limiter.

With Boost I set out to make something that has a clean sound - leaving a mastering engineer free to choose how much saturation and transient clipping they added as a separate concern.
The drive / emphaisis circuits are options, with the punch (emphasis) algo focusing on transients and the non-punch (drive) algo focusing on the body of the sound. That said, the engineer is equally able to set the knob to 0% and pick their favourite character compressor, etc...

Glad you're enjoying the plugin,
Dave @ UrsaDSP
Alright. You now have my attention because you are here listening and responding. As a new dev here with a new product that is important to me. I will certainly give this a go in the next week or so. Looking forward to it!

Edit: Actually may need to test drive it sooner on this drum mix.....