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The ITU preset in Avid Downmixer shows center at -3 dB but the result is a -3dB per L and R.

The ITU preset of Spanner shows center at 0 dB change with a result of -3dB per L and R.
agree that's because the AVID one is a down-MIXER with no pan pots where all signals are hard patched to the output path and just a fader for level (basically like hard routing each input channel in PT to a stereo out (with no panner) and then setting the levels according to the downmix parameters.
Spanner however is a PANNING-plugin with the earlier mentioned pan-law applied but an ADDITIONAL mixer in there as well.

Both render the same result when used properly just like the "naked" PT mixer would. The only difference is that Spanner is much more flexible and can do all formats unlike the rather limited AVID downmixer that doesn't even support all formats (7.1 to 5.1 for example)

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