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I am listening, and definitely looking for the features I need to take Boost forwards.
I'm glad you spotted the hidden controls, there's quite a few novel techniques that the underlying Trajectory and Peak Remapping algos could be used to achieve, but I struggled to make them fit with a limiter in an intuitive way. Rather than completely hiding those, I've left a few params in and would welcome your thoughts on which work for you and on which material.
Channel link has been raised by others during the beta testing, I could add that in a point release, thanks for the reminder!

bmanic has nailed some key tradeoffs when making a limiter.

With Boost I set out to make something that has a clean sound - leaving a mastering engineer free to choose how much saturation and transient clipping they added as a separate concern.
The drive / emphaisis circuits are options, with the punch (emphasis) algo focusing on transients and the non-punch (drive) algo focusing on the body of the sound. That said, the engineer is equally able to set the knob to 0% and pick their favourite character compressor, etc...

Glad you're enjoying the plugin,
Dave @ UrsaDSP
I'll look into those controls a little more. The Advance Gate is very good for subtly controlling the amount of upward compression. I'd love to see the threshold range extended up to -12db or so for more control. -42db doesn't seem to give all the reduction in upward compression I'd like. Subtle control though to be fair and it works nicely as it is.

Advanced Expansion doesn't seem to get me anywhere and simply cuts the sound out but it does send the GR meter flying backwards which you've clearly programmed into the GUI.

While you're at it with the channel link, would you mind providing the option to switch between L/R and M/S processing along with a dial for the percentage of link from 0% through to 100%? I understand that M/S limiting isn't as effective as L/R so no worries if that isn't something you would want in Boost and I am happy with dual mono setups as it is right now. It would just be really cool.