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For mastering this appears to make the initial transients much too soft with the massive amount of look ahead.
It's most likely not touching the initial transient at all, that's why you need such a large look-a-head, to cover bass transients.. but the perceived psycho acoustic effect, due to boosting everything after the transients, is indeed a softening of the transients. This is why it is so tricky to get this kind of algorithm to work. Hence nobody has really done it for mastering type loudness maximizing.

Also, due to distortion from the typical brickwall limiter, especially if set to an aggressive setting, you actually get a sort of transient enhanced initial attack (basically a burst of distortion) which can have a transient enhancing psycho acoustic effect. Thus if you compare UrsaDSP's Boost type of algorithm versus a typical brick wall limiter, these are the main perceived differences.

It's most likely why they added the Punch control and the ability to dial in the exact amount of it. Quite a clever solution in my opinion.