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Originally Posted by postprosound ➡️
I hear ya! That’s what I thought too! Try it for yourself. I took a 5.1 print master ran it through spanner. L & R at unity. Center down 3. Ls and Rs down 3. Just like you should. Resulting stereo consistently 2-3 dB lower when I compared it to the 5.1 trough VisLm. I mean, please, tell me where I messed up. I’d prefer to be wrong in this case! If I have a chance post post a screenshot tomorrow.
Yeah you definitely should not be pulling the center channel fader on the plugin down 3dB (if that is what you are doing). It is already down three with the pan law. There are stereo presets that will give you a good start point. I use Spanner all the time and have never had any issues with lower loudness readings.

A simple test will confirm. Send -20dBFS tone on a mono track to your 5.1 mix bus and then through Spanner. Panned hard left it should read -20dBfs. Panned center it should read -23dBFS. If it reads lower then something is amiss.