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The use of distortion is so...TASTEFUL! Incredible job, John! Would you mind sharing what distortions you turned to? The growl on the 808s is incredible!
Thanks! that is really what our intention was to do, I'm glad it translated. I let things go into distortion intentionally of several things by not caring if they clipped plugins.

Many things going on, so any other specific songs or parts, let me know.

in "Dont Be Scared of the Dark" a lot of the bass is actually a reverse piano pad that we applied One Knob Filter to; it really drives it like a bass instrument. At the end I split the 808 sample into 3 different bands using Gaffel and then applied Trash 2, broken bits, to the low band, Trash 2, radio contact, to the low and low middle band, and left the high band, about 750Hz and up alone.

on "Switch" I duplicated the 808 track again, this time just using a regular duplicate track and EQ. One track is full band, just some compression. The other has a high pass at about 1.5kHz and then I put on Kilohearts Distortion, hard clip. At the end of the song, I put the whole main mix buss through an additional Waves Berzerk plugin to really create a huge ending, as well as some Kilohearts Formant Filter to get "that" sound.

on "Keep On Hanging On" I just let the deep low keys sound naturally interplay resonances with the 808 and bass pad, and let the big distorted kick do its thing.