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I'm actually waiting on Harman's Tijuana factory to finally open back up so they can manufacture me a pair of 708ps... What are the quality control issues you know of?
I really really love the 708P's I have for LCR sound quality wise, but I have definitely had QC issues. Early on one of the three was distorting/chuffing with super low bass, so it was replaced. Late last year I began to have issues with my centre channel software freezing and needing a restart each morning, until it would no longer boot the software at all (and thus not pass audio). It went to the local factory twice for repairs and both times the issue persisted after it came back. I'm now using a loaner. I also had low bass distortion with one of my rear 705Ps early on and that was replaced too. These were all very early in the manufacturing though, late 2017, so maybe things have smoothed out a bit. Luckily issues have been under warranty so far but I can't say I'm not a bit rattled. TBH though I would buy them again because of how truly amazing (and cinematic) they sound, the DSP (.1 ms delays, 14 bands of EQ) and the value.