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Hey guys, probably not the best title of a thread...

I work with a production team on a song and we are in a different countries. I would like to be able to somehow connect with them with as best sound quality as we can. I use Cubase they use Logic, this is why we can’t use VST Connect from Steinberg. At present time, the most important thing is for them to hear what I have done in Cubase in realtime and with good quality instead of exporting and sending files, it is good to have realtime analysis of my production and go from there.

We have tried trial of Source Connect but were not able to connect with all the net ports and stuff, it is also a bit pricy.

Any other suggestion? What is the best way to do this?
Reaper's ReaCast plugin is fairly low latency (around 2 seconds). It can stream to Shoutcast or Icecast. I'm using Icecast (private stream) to stream the master track of my Reaper. You have to set up and configure the Icecast server utility first which can then stream the output of ReaStream. ReaStream offers to pick the desired stream quality (kbps). I can't say if the stream format is OGG or MP3.

I don't think ReaStream is included in the ReaPlugs package which can be used with other DAWs than Reaper. As a workaround you could use Voxengo Recorder and a free virtual audio cable to feed audio from your regular DAW's master output to Reaper and then use ReaStream there.