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SamplesLoops GHOST DULCITONE has left this spiritual plane - long live DULCITONIUM !

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but it's curtains for GHOST DULCITONE 1900 - a beautiful and loved stalwart of the Sound Dust rosta has moved on to a different realm.

But filling her shoes we have something even more dusty, swoony and achingly gorgeous.
DULCITONIUM upgrades GHOST DULCITONE - with almost completely new sample content that now includes a Dulcitone 1884 through tape, a stretched Dulcitone 1900, a Dulcitone 1900 clunk layer and newly tweaked convolution ghosts, oh and a new engine.
She sounds similar - but at least 37% better - and with many more possibilities.

Have a look and a listen here

Obviously in these tricky times there is a bigger than usual intro offer - so use the discount code DULCITONIUM40 in the cart for a 40% discount offer until August 9th 2020

...also 80% discount for GHOST DULCITONE users