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This is quite interesting. You can clearly hear the Kali LP6 is closer to source, but the HS7 has far sharper transients, he does show a null on the HS7's at about 110hz though. The dynamic response seemed far better on the HS7's much more pronounced.

When he shows the room responses the Kalis is much better, with no significant dips.

To me it suggests you're going to have a harder time of fixing issues on the Kalis, but it should translate well in relation to what you do hear, roughly meaning you won't have to learn them. And the other way around on the Yamahas if you're unused to that sound.

Also means really tight processing may be harder on the Kalis.

Makes me miss my MSP5's, reminds me of how defined everything is on them, hi hats sound like atom thin shards of metal tearing through space, don't want them posted though. I was thinking of ordering a pair tomorrow, not too sure now if I'm honest. I really want to try the Monkey Banana Turbo 6's not sure the neighbours will be impressed