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Old 23rd July 2020
Here for the gear
I moved from New Orleans to LA and decided on Hollywood. Been living here for exactly one year. Before Corona time I was out partying at bars, going to venues and seeing indie bands, meeting all kinds of cool people having a blast. Hollywood is a great area for its night life as well as the young hip crowd it attracts. tons of stuff in walking distance. Downside is there a lot of homeless (growing everyday), it smells like p*ss everywhere, and has its share of sketchy characters and tourists. When I first moved here it was a shock and bothered me but as time went on I got used to it and now have grown to really enjoy where I live.

Echo Park seems to be the place where the Indie scene is. There are tons of Indie musicians and even rappers that live there because its more affordable. There are a couple venues there that do showcases for up and coming bands as well. It's a chill area and there is a ton of stuff in walking distance. Even though its been gentrified (mostly) there is still crime and it is seen as not the safest area.

North Hollywood is where everyone goes to practice, record, and work. There are some big practice space warehouses. It's in the Valley so its more spread out and suburbia. If you wanted to live in the Valley there are some cool spots in Van Nuys and Burbank where a lot of older musicians and industry professionals live because its quieter and you can rent (with a couple room mates) or buy a house.

West Hollywood prices a lot of people out. If you are cool with living with 2 or 3 other room mates you can make it work. The club scene there is really popular and it's a fun place to live if your life's mission is to party. It's mostly young professionals and older wealthier people who live in West Hollywood.

Same is true for Santa Monica/Venice. you would really have to love the beach to live near here. It's really expensive for a not so great house/apartment.

I've been to some smaller studios in the Korea Town area which were pretty tight, but it's not the most exciting area in the city (apart from the restaurants lol)

If you can stomach the homeless and general dirtiness then Downtown is a pretty cool place as well. I haven't spent much time there but it seems like it would be a fun place to live if you wanted to explore the city. It's just not that appealing to me currently. I feel other parts have much more to offer..

HOWEVER. Actually putting yourself out there, going to shows by yourself, paying for the tickets and ubers, mustering up courage to introduce yourself to artists after shows, is much more important than which part of the city you live in.

Now in this Corona time we live in, it makes it incredibly difficult if not impossible to do most of these things anymore. I'm blessed to have an amazing boss/friend/brother who is keeping me busy mixing but without that I'd pretty much be screwed. It is expensive to live in LA period. If you want to live in a 1bd 1 bath apt with AC its gonna cost you $2000 a month.. even more if you want a washer and dryer.

Maybe you have a degree in finance and you can get a job out here and make sick beats on the side. Maybe your girlfriend is a nurse and can help with the rent.
Maybe you and your software engineer buddies from college can move and split rent on a house together somewhere. Maybe your cousin can hook you up with a job at the grow op. Maybe your parents support your dreams of being a musician and are willing to help out with the rent (LOL)

You get the picture. Everyone I've met out here that manages to stay longer than 6 months has some sort of support structure. It's hard to make it without one...

So I guess what I'm saying to any hopeful young eyes looking to make it big out there is that before you move out here, make sure you understand the reality of the time we live in. After you've strongly considered your options and finances and still think "I can make this work" should you pull the plug to move out here. I'm not networking or having that much fun (nobody is) but i'm staying put because THE SECOND that vaccine comes out I'm gonna be here and ready to make something happen.