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To finish up, I still like JRiver as a Media Library/Metadata manager and DNLA server. My final setup is as follows:

UR824 - 24 bit / 192kHz (8 Inputs) currently driving a 5.1 monitor with bass management

Windows Sound Default Device - Hi-Fi Cable Input (VB-Audio Hi-Fi Cable - aka AudioBridge w/ASIO ON)
Windows Sound Configured as 192kHz-24bit-5.1 Out / 192kHz-24bit 2 channel In
Thus ASIO Bridge is providing a 5.1 192kHz/24 bit WDM to ASIO.

..Settings Button>Playback>Options
.......Audio Device> Hi-Fi Cable Input
....... ... Device Settings> 24 bit Integer
..Settings Button> DSP Studio
......Output Format Checked:
...........Sample Rate: Convert all to 192,000 Hz
...........Channels: 5.1 channels
...........Mixing: No upmixing or downmixing (Stereo source plays as Stereo on 2 channels)
.........Subwoofer: Silent (use Room correction to redirect bass to subwoofer)
..Toos Options>:General>Features: WDM Driver (not checked)
........Media Network: Use Media Network to share this library and enable DLNA

..Roku Media Player - Roku plugged into HDMI on TV to audio out to stereo.

I also turned off Media Streaming in Windows Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center>Media Streaming Options to shut down Window's DNLA server. This does not affect JRiver's DNLA server and I would assume frees up some memory and MIPS.

Only complexities:
- Turn ASIO OFF on ASIO Bridge before running Protools, turn ASIO ON on ASIO Bridge after running Pro tools.
- If you change sample rates - need to update JRiver, ASIO Bridge, and UR824. You can access the UR824 control panel through ASIO Bridge GUI.

ASIO Bridge is $15 if you donate, or free if you don't.
JRiver is $60 for a Windows licence. They give you a 30 day trial period for free.