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Here for the gear

I used iZotope RX 7 de-reverb to make some dialogue recorded in a boomy room sound a lot drier and closer and the results were unbelievable. For remixing and separation, I am loving the new Music Re-Balance feature but after trying a demo of Acoustica by Acon Digital, was impressed just as much by the new remix plugin as well as the clean-up plugins...very powerful and underatted indeed. I would say RX 7 is on a par with Acoustica for sure.

Also worth considering/demoing is Hit'n'Mix Infinity 4.7 which lets you separate, remix, repair and edit your audio all in one programme:

It can first appear like Melodyne meets RX meets Audionamix Trax Pro but amongst other differences, Hit'n'Mix Infinity offers a new approach to editing – it's not necessary to edit waveforms and/or frequency spectrums. Instead, it unlocks the audio in ways that allow complete control over all attributes of notes, harmonics and unpitched sounds. At times, it can feel like you're working with MIDI!