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Ok - I bought it today!
No time to demo, as the intro price ends tomorrow - but I just had a "feeling" about this - and I was right.
I love the compressor AND the saturation side.

This is going to replace a few different plugins - and I'm already learning how to use a compressor better (from the videos and the blog)
I'll be able to dive in deeper when I get to "mixing" mode - of my current project - so thanks a lot to the guys at Korneff!
A lot of people end up putting the PSC on a lot of tracks - a LOT of tracks. So many tracks that sometimes it’s like there needs to be a support group: “I put the PSC on every track of my mix.... is it ok? AM I a bad personf?...” he cried as he collapsed into his chair. The therapist was understanding.

It was made to be used on many different tracks in a mix - that was Dan’s main criteria when he designed it. You will find you reach for it often.