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Here for the gear

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up, i’m considering the same 8 inch options but on about 30 m^2
I chose Adam T5V + sub. So far I have only bought T5V. Later I will buy a subwoofer, and then maybe another one.
Or I won't buy a server, but I will sell Adams and buy something more expensive.
You have a very large room. If the voice in music is important to you, I do not advise you to buy an 8 ". Buy a 5-7" + 10 "subwoofer better, but rather a few. This will help to get a more beautiful sound, this is not for boo-boo
The Adams are very good for their price, I can recommend them. Look at Adam T7V, they better for your room. And sub like krk 10s2, Jbl 10"