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I bought re-201s when they were first released in 76 or 77. While they seemed too clean in mixes compared to patching in an Echoplex, they were sometimes sorta ok. The reverb side of the dial was imo, worthless.

The clean nature of the re201 also made it worthless on gigs (huge gigs) in 78 imo. It simply didn't cut through like an Echoplex.

At a slightly earlier moment from the appearance of the re201, the blue mxr digital delay appeared in late 1976. I had a heads up on that one by a few months (mxr had sent me an unusual smallish 500 style enclosure with a couple of phaser flanger plug in modules....that weren't very good)....but...I bought three of the first blue digital delays from the first run.

I loaded 4 mem cards into one of the delays for max freq resp vs delay time choices.

Talk about mojo character in those blue boxes! The usability smoked anything else imo, including stuff like the deltas. The isolated ann wilson vocals on Barracuda are a four-card blue mxr.

My point? From where I was sitting in 1977?

Echo-wise (aside from standard insert of a 2trk machine on the console for slapback).... your mojo echo toolbox was complete if you had an echoplex, mxr digital delay, and in last place, re201.

That would be a holy trinity bundle here in 2020. Imo.

Anyone making the blue mxr as a plug? Haven't noticed any so far.